Tentative Program for The 4th ACiNE in Ho Chi Minh, 21-22thMay 2021



May 21, 2021

7.00 – 8.00


Poster set up for the first round (30 posters)

8.00 – 9.00

Opening Ceremony

8.05– 8.15

Cultural Performances

8.15– 8.50

Welcoming Speech & Opening remarks

1. Chief of Congress

2. President of APANE: Speech and introduce APANE members and representative of APANE’s countries

3. MOH of Vietnam

4. Invitation to the 5th ACiNE in 2020 in Tukey

8.50 – 9.00

Appreciation of Co-host and sponsors

9.00 -10.00

Plenary session 1: Nursing Leadership and Management

15 minutes/speaker

Keynote 1: Challenges and strategies for the future of nursing

Presenter:Prof.Dr. Lian-Hua Huang, Board Member International Council of Nurses. Vice President of TWNA, Taiwan

Keynote 2: Roles of Vietnam Nurses Association in Policy advocating: past success and current challenges

Presenter: Mr. Phạm Đức Mục, President of VNA, Vietnam

Keynote 3:Creating a nursing workforce prepared to lead

Presenter: Prof. Patsy Yates, School of Nursing, Queensland University of technology, Australia


10.00 – 10.50

Poster Presentation 1 and Teabreak

10.00 – 11.00

Plan for hospital tour (Afrernoon 22 May) in registration desk

10.50 – 12.00

Plenary session 2 : Technology and Nursing Education

15 minutes/speaker

Keynote 1: Bridging the Nursing Education and Practice

Presenter:Mrs. Hsiu-Hung Wang,President of TWNA, Taiwan

Keynote 2: Technology: The International Mandate for Nurse Educators

Presenter: Professor with Tenure. SUSAN JANE FETZER, University of New Hampshire, USA

Keynote 3: Enhancing Nursing Education through Technology

Presenter: Assistant Professor Dr. Ruttanaporn Kongkar, Associate Dean for research, graduate studies, foreign affairs and information and technology, Prince of Songkla Univeristy, Thailand


12.00 – 13.00


13.00 – 14.00

Poster setup for the second round (30 posters)

13.00 – 14.40 (9 x3 =27)

Concurrence sessions 1 (10 minutes/presentation then Q&A)

Room 1: Education

Room 2: Practice

Room 3: Leadership and Management

14.40– 15.30

Poster presentation 2 and Teabreak

15.30  -17.00

(7 x3 = 21)

Concurrence sessions 2: 10 minutes/presentation + 10 min for Q&A)

Room 1: Education

Room 2: Practice

Room 3: Leadership and Management

18.00 -21.00

Gala diner for who have registed

May 21, 2021


Poster set up for the third round (30 posters)


(7 x 3=21)

Concurrence sessions 3 (10 min/a presentation and 10 min for Q&A to all topics)

Room 1: Education

Room 2: Practices

Room 3: Leadership and Management


Poster presentation 3 and Teabreak


(8 x 3= 24)

Concurrence sessions 4

Room 1: Education

Room 2: Practices

Room 3: Leadership and Management

12.00 - 13.00


13.00 – 17.00: Professional visit for whom have registered

13.00 -13.30

Depart from Pan Pacifict hotel to Viet Duc University hospital (Surgical) or Bach Mai hospitals (General hospital)

14.00 – 17.00

Hospital tours

13.00- 14.00

Poster set up for the fouth round (30 posters)

13.00 – 14.20

Plenary session 3:  Innovation in Nursing Education

15 minutes/speaker

Keynote 1: Acreditation: Enghancing Quality of Nursing Education

Presenter:Professor Emerita, Lan Gien, School of Nursing, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Keynote 2: Research and innovation in nursing education: Lessoned learn from Thailand

Presenter:Assistant Professor Dr. Ruttanaporn Kongkar,Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University, Thailand

Keynote 3: Teaching Strategies in Nursing Theory

Presenter: Prof. Yu-Yun Hsu, President of Taiwan Association of Nursing Education, Taiwan

Keynote 4: The educational role of a clinical nurse specialist in dementia care

Presenter: Dr. Jing Jy Wang, Chair of APANE Preparation Committee, Proffessor of Faculty of Nursing, Cheng Kung Nation University of Taiwan


14.20- 15.10

Poster Presentation and Teabreak


Plenary session 4: Nursing Practice

15 minutes/speaker

Keynote 1: Towards competency development - Clinical training system for new nurses in Vietnam

Presenter: Satoko HORII, Chief Advisor

Project for Strengthening Clinical Training System for New Graduate Nurses, JICA VIETNAM, Japan

Keynote 2: Transformational nurse leaders driving changes in preventing missed care

Presenter:Assoc. Prof. Sergül DUYGULU,  Faculty of Nursing  Hacettepe University, Turkey

Keynote 3:Care of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Research and Clinical Practice

Presenter: Prof. Miaofen Yen, Chairman of Supervisory Board of APANE, Taiwan

Keynote 4: Roles of Nurses in Infection Prevention and Control to Respond to Emerging Infectious Diseases 

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Le Thi Anh Thu, President of Infection control Society in Ho Chi Minh City, CMO of Hoan My Hospital Group, Vietnam



Closing Ceremony